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We aim to increase

the access and affordability of medical equipment and consumables across Southeast Asia.


With the increasing priority given to compliance and best sales practices in the healthcare distribution value chain, there is a critical need for scaled distributors with strong capabilities, which can provide regional access to the fragmented markets of Southeast Asia. This is what Everlife will address.

Market Access

A regional distributor will
provide deep, tested
channels to the
customer for a
principal’s products in
multiple markets without
incurring significant
start-up costs

Operational Efficiencies

A regional player will serve
as a single point of contact
for various logistics and
collections requirements
across markets, thereby
minimising heterogeneous
risk across distributors with
different practices

Stronger Compliance

A regional distributor can
enforce compliance and
ethical discipline in its
practices for all markets,
and allow principals to
deploy a single “clean”
distribution solution without
the need for multiple audits

Consistent Service

Large, experienced
distributors will ensure
service, delivery, and
quality standards meet
principal expectations
across multiple markets
with limited variation

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  • Everstone invests in Chemopharm

    Singapore, November 23, 2017 – The Everstone Group via its platform Everlife has acquired Malaysia-based Chemopharm Sdn Bhd., a leading provider of products and services’ solutions to laboratory, research and medical facilities in Southeast Asia. Singapore-based Cure Capital is a co-investor, along with Everstone.