About Us

About Us

Building on a Legacy in Asia

We are building on top of the trust, expertise and experience built over decades, by deploying technology and new ways of working to move Everlife into the future.

We are now one of the top regional market access partners in Asia, with a vast portfolio of innovative products in clinical diagnostics, life science and analytical solutions. Everlife provides easy access to the fragmented markets of Asia, and we aim to build a more efficient value chain and to improve the health and outcomes of as many people as possible.

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Our Values

Trust lies at the bottom of any successful long-term relationship, and we believe in earning that trust not only from customers and principals, but also from our employees, investors and everyone we work with. We operate under a strict governance framework that reflects our core values of transparency, accountability, respect, and integrity. We are not just moving products, we are building a culture that will enable long-term relationships and bring lasting value to the work we do. We are committed to:

What We Do

To be competitive, it is critical that we retain the hunger and entrepreneurial spirit of our early days and combine it with the professionalism of a large multinational.

We focus our efforts on:

Our customers are at the center of what we do. Whether it is building capabilities in adjacent areas, or providing training and support, we take the time to understand our customers’ needs and provide them with highly specific solutions so that they can just focus on what they do best: running their laboratories.