Our Solutions

We represent over 200 principals in the key segments of Analytical Sciences, Clinical Diagnostics, Medical Equipment & Supplies, and Life Sciences across Asia.

Analytical Sciences

Supplying general equipment, instrumentation and consumables to research and industrial laboratories.

Clinical Diagnostics

Supplying reagents and equipment for research and testing in clinical diagnostic laboratories and hospitals.

Medical equipment and supplies

Supplying imaging and monitoring equipment, 

furniture and other hospital accessories

Life Sciences

Supplying media and equipment for research related to biological sciences and living organisms.

In addition, we have built our internal development and manufacturing capabilities over the years and have launched our own brands and range of products to complement and improve our portfolio of offerings.

Chemoresources: Modular laboratory furniture

Identi: Ready-to-use liquid stable clinical chemistry reagents

ChemoLIMS: Lab Information Management System Software

iTrack: Remote instrument maintenance software